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Some people can jump in the middle of something and go for it 100% all the way, right from the start. I do better with baby steps and think most people do.
When I decided to get off of sugar I was drinking Coke and Dr. Pepper daily. Lots of it! I went from drinking pop to drinking sweet tea. Johnnies sweet tea….because it is the best! Then I switched over to unsweetened tea and then on to hot herbal/green tea. It took several months but worked for me.

I’m sure you have all heard of “Meatless Mondays”. This is a great way to start off your week with baby steps.

Switch to almond, rice, soy, quinoa, or hemp “milk”. We love almond milk and use it for everything….including making mashed potatoes.

When you are switching over to a plant based diet, if you need to, choose 1 thing like dairy. Get rid of all the dairy and then move on to no oils and then on over to the meat dept. Just do 1 thing at a time but DO SOMETHING.

It is easy to talk about what you WANT to do or NEED to do but you never get past talking. With baby steps, in 3 months you will be further along than you are now but if you just talk….in 3 months you will be right where you are sitting today.

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